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Alisa Schindler

Sisterhood Co-President ✉

Alisa Schindler burns cupcakes, writes essays for various outlets and has been co-captain of sisterhood for a bunch of years. She really enjoys organizing events that encourage laughter, offer entertainment, learning and yummy food to her fellow sisters. She also very much appreciates the initiatives that bring comfort to those in need. Alisa has three gorgeous and brilliant boys who she dotes on to the point of smothering and is married to Mr. Baseball, who, when not on the field coaching, can be seen mowing the lawn, writing unintelligible legalese, or walking their loveable, poorly trained mutt, Rocky. She also has a cat named Waffles, even though everyone prefers pancakes. In her spare time (ha ha), Alisa enjoys reading, playing tennis with her husband and making the best ice cream sundaes.

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Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783