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Grade Highlights

Shorashim – Kindergarten

  • Through song, dance, art and stories the learners begin to identify the Hebrew aleph bet, celebrate the holidays and learn about Jewish values
  • Shorashim learners explore bereshit, the creation story, and dive into Shabbat and its rituals


Kitah Aleph – 1st grade
  • Kitah Alef learners explore the holidays and customs through Torah stories
  • Learners explore the Aleph Bet through yoga, sky writing, and vocabulary
  • Israel exploration begins through 'visiting' important and well known cities around the country
Kitah Bet - 2nd Grade
  • Kitah Bet begins twice a week meetings, with Tuesdays Hebrew Zoom allowing a focus on the basic elements of Hebrew reading, creating a strong foundation of letter recognition
  • At the end of the year, Kitah Bet learners receive their own copy of the Siddur, our prayer book in a beautiful, family inclusive ceremony
  • Learners gain a strong familiarity with our key Torah stories and characters
Kitah Gimel – 3rd grade
  • The Kitah Gimel learners gain a deep connection to and build their leadership skills of havdalah, our ritual of separating Shabbat from the rest of the week
  • Learners begin to think critically about some key Jewish ideas through journaling
  • Hebrew skills continue to grow as learners use their strong foundation to build decoding skills in partnership with their tefillah or prayer skills


Kitah Dalet – 4th grade

  • For Kitah Dalet learners, Jewish history comes to life, as they work to collectively build a timeline beginning with the Torah, through modern times, cultiminating in a Living Wax Museum, where they embody someone they connect with in our deep history

Kitah Hei – 5th grade

  • Kitah Hei learners explore their ancestry, hoping to understand where they came from, in hopes of better understand where they are going
  • Learners experience Judaism around the world through music, art, and food, hoping to open their understanding of traditions and customs to those that do not identify as Ashkenazi

Kitah Vav – 6th grade

  • Kitah Vav learners begin to expand beyond their understanding of Torah stories into the world of midrash, or Rabbinic interpretations and storytelling to teach morals and values
  • An understanding of mitzvot is built in the Mitzvot Fair these learners present to the school, helping others understand common and uncommon mitzvot in the Torah
  • Learners focus on reading their haftarah for fluency during their Hebew sessions, while also getting a haftarah trope bootcamp to ease the transition into preparing for B'Mitzvah

Kitah Zayin – 7th grade

  • Kitah Zayin learners dive into the nuanced understanding of Israel today through media, guest speakers, stories, and art
  • Kitah Zayin Hebrew supports their B'mitzvah preparations, with a transition to conversational Hebrew when appropriate

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