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Grade Highlights

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Shorashim – Kindergarten
  • Through song, dance, art and stories the children begin to identify the Hebrew alphabet, celebrate the holidays and learn about our heritage
  • Shorashim students learn to sing the four questions for Passover, and various blessings for Shabbat 
  • Mitzvah Theme: Tzar Ba'alei hayyim (Compassion for Animals)


Kitah Alef – 1st grade
  • Kitah Alef students learn about the holidays and customs through Torah stories
  • Students learn to decode Hebrew and vowel recognition and sounds
  • Mitzvah Theme: Shamor v'Zachor at Yom ha-Shabbat (Shabbat)
Kitah Bet - 2nd Grade
  • Having mastered the basic elements of Hebrew reading, Kitah Bet students receive their own copy of the Siddur, our prayer book. Parents create individual covers for their child's siddur as part of the TBI  Siddur Ceremony ritual
  • Kitah Bet students learn to recite all the Hanukkah blessing. 
  • Mitzvah Theme: Hachnasat Orchim (Welcoming Guests)
Kitah Gimel – 3rd grade
  • The Kitah Gimel class culminates their year of study with a Havdalah service complete with performances and skits
  • Kitah Gimel students research their Hebrew names
  • Mitzvah Theme: Bal Taschit (Do not waste)


Kitah Dalet – 4th grade

  • For Kitah Dalet students the Torah comes to life as they learn about the matriachs and patriarchs and stories of our ancestors in Genesis
  • Kitah Dalet students are introduced to the elements of a Friday Night service in preparation for leading one each year
  • Mitzvah Theme: Bikur Cholim (Visiting the sick)

Kitah Hei – 5th grade

  • Kitah Hei students explore their family's Jewish geneology
  • Students delve into the study of Israel, choosing  an Israeli location (a city, a place, etc) to research and present as a travelogue.
  • Mitzvah Theme: Keybood Z'kayim (Honoring the elderly)

Kitah Vav – 6th grade

  • Kitah Vav students focus on Kashrut customs, Holy Books, the Jewish take on friendship and the mitzvah of visiting the sick
  • Students participate in a Kashrut scavenger hunt at the local supermarket
  • Mitzvah Theme: Sh'mirat Ha'Lashon (guarding your tongue)

Kitah Zayin – 7th grade

  • Zayin students are heavily enmeshed in B'nei Mitzvah preparation and study
  • Kitah Zayin students begin to grapple with Jewish ethic issues
  • Mitzvah Theme: Lo Ta'amod al Dahm Reyechah (Do not stand by when someone else is in danger)
  • Kitah Zayin students are encouraged to participate in our monthly Mostly Mitzvah cooking program to fulfill part of their B'nei mitzvah project. 

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