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Life Cycle

Temple Beth Israel believes that meaningful Jewish practices are rooted deeply in our traditions with the rituals associated with birth, weddings and funerals key events. Our clergy are available to guide you and officiate at these lifecycle events.  

Brit Milah/Baby Namings


There is no greater blessing than bringing a child into the Jewish convenant.

For a son (Brit Milah): the Torah commands us to circumcise the newborn on the eighth day of his life. 

For a daughter (Baby Naming/Simcha Bat): We bring a daughter into the convenat by confering her Hebrew name

Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Bat/Bar Mitzvah signifies the coming of age for a Jewish child. The ceremony literally means son and daughter of the commandment. It is the recognition of a boy or girl reaching the age of adulthood in Jewish law, a change from learning to be resposible to being responsible. At TBI our Rabbi, Cantor and Religious School educators guide and prepare your child for this process.

Weddings/Auf rufs

Rabbi Mishkin is honored to share the joy and happiness of a wedding by teaching the couple the meaning of the ceremony from blessing them at the aufruf (blessing of the couple at a Shabbat prior to the wedding date) to explaining the Ketubah (marriage document) to performing the ceremony under the Huppah (marraige canopy). We are pleased to work with you in designing the ceremony, by providing our knowledge, expereince andcounsel as you prepare for a life of love and companionship.

Misheberach Requests

Call our clergy when a family member, a friend or relative is sick or undergoing a procedure and you wish their name said during the prayer for healing.


Our traditions offer several powerful end of life rituals be it the Kriah (tearing of the garment) or the practive of Shivah. Our Rabbi is available to officiate at the funeral and  help you understand and implement as many of the customs and practices that are comfortable for your family.  Our TBI family considers it part of our community's responsiblitiy to support a member who has lost a loved one. We particpate by assisting the family with a Shiva minyan, help with funeral arrangements or provide a condolence meal. 


The process of conversion penetrates a person’s innermost character and spiritual being, demanding an examination of self and other that may culminate in the adoption of a new identity. The first step in the conversion process is learning. Our clergy have sponsored many conversions and welcome an opportunity to discuss the conversion process.

Celebrating a Life or an Occasion

 Kahillah Project - Patio Bricks

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