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TBI Stands with Israel

Three Ways To Support the Effort to Free the Hostages
This Thanksgiving (& Beyond)

Sent on November 21, 2023

Port Washington - Missing at the Table from Digital Waterworx on Vimeo.

Shalom Friends,
One of the most powerful experiences we’ve had here in Port Washington since the Oct. 7th massacre in Israel was seeing The Empty Shabbat Table installation in Blumenfeld Park this past weekend. Thank you very much to TBI member Kim Lichtenstein and her co-organizers for making this project happen.  

For those of you who were unable to attend, seeing an empty Shabbat table, set for the 239 hostages still being held in Gaza, was a profoundly moving experience. 239 is a huge number, and seeing so many empty chairs set up around a Shabbat table provided a clearer perspective on the enormity of the crisis.  

Each chair had the photo of a hostage, plus the name, age, and nationality of the person who was kidnapped. (By far, most of the hostages are Israeli, but there are hostages with other nationalities, and many with dual nationalities.) It was heartbreaking to think of our brothers and sisters who haven’t been home for the past six Shabbatot. And their families whose aching hearts are missing them. 

But the most heart wrenching part was seeing the places set for the kidnapped children – complete with booster seats, toys, and sippy cups. 

There are no words.

But here are some suggestions:
Click on this link called “One Minute A Day": You will be asked to enter your zip code, and the phone numbers of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand will appear. Then you are asked to take ONE MINUTE to CALL each of their offices.  If someone answers, you can share a message; if you get voicemail, you can offer the same message.

Here is a script you can use:  
“Hi.  My name is ____ and I live in Port Washington, on the North Shore of Long Island.  First, I want to thank the Senator for all of the great work they have done and are doing to support Israel and help bring the hostages back home. That being said, the fact that there are 239 hostages in Gaza is a travesty for the world.  This is an urgent issue, and I am calling to tell you – please keep this issue at the very top of your agenda.  It cannot be put on a back burner.  Please use all of your resources and power to help bring these hostages home immediately. Thank you for your efforts.”

In addition, you can call the White House at 202.456.1111.  They only answer the phone or allow for voicemail messages between the hours of 11-3, on Tues, Wed., and Thursday.  (When you call this week, you can wish President Biden a happy birthday; it was on Monday, Nov. 20th.)

You can also make a donation to Bring Them Home Now.

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or are a guest at someone else’s home, please consider setting an extra place and having an empty chair to remember the hostages. And while you are sharing what you are thankful for, you can also ask everyone to recite the Prayer for the Israeli Captives (below).

Whether you are traveling or hosting, we wish all of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  God willing, may we hear good news soon regarding the hostages.

May God watch over Israel and the soldiers of the IDF.  
May the hostages be freed and returned to their families and communities.  
May Hamas be destroyed and may it lead to peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

Rabbi Mishkin & Rabbi Perlman 

A Prayer for the Redemption of Captives

A Prayer for Israel at War

A Prayer for the Soldiars of the IDF


Sun, December 10 2023 27 Kislev 5784