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Building Strong Relationships between Parents and Jewish Educators

01/25/2016 08:00:00 AM


By Judy Alexander

Throughout my twenty-year tenure of serving as an educator in my local Jewish community, I've found one thing that ensures success for Jewish educators: building strong relationships with parents. Jewish educators and parents must work together to create fun and meaningful learning opportunities. When parents aren't involved in a child's Jewish education, the student can lose interest and motivation. To keep...Read more...

Building Young Adult Engagement

01/18/2016 08:00:00 AM


As most college students move into adulthood and move away from their families, they tend to question religion, beliefs, and their identity. Many students at UVM Hillel tell me “I'm Jewish, but not religious” in a way that makes makes being religious sound like the greatest sin of all. Yet many of the young adults that I talk with attend or host Shabbat dinners, plan or reminisce about a trip to Israel, and freak out about the...Read more...

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