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Ed Friedman

Vice President Ritual ✉

I live in Port at 7 Summit in Beacon Hill with my wife, Jessica, and our daughter, Madeleine (age 8). We started with the TBI community as pre-school parents when we moved to Port from the Upper West Side 6 years ago when Madeleine was in the 2’s at the pre-school. We joined TBI as members 3 years ago after Madeleine finished preschool. We decided to join as members because we loved the people we met at TBI and the warm community. Madeline just finished Kitah Bet and she has been lucky that many of her classmates from pre-school have continued in religious school.

I am part of the social action committee and very active in the TBI Garden with Betsy Golan, Fern Cohen and Bob Epstein (we are always looking for additional gardeners!). After Adam Smith initiated and ran the TBI neighbor network he passed the responsibility to me to coordinate about a year ago. The neighbor network was a helpful resource during the height of COVID and now that COVID is receding will need to determine next steps.

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Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783