29 Sivan 5777 • 23 June 2017

Book of Remembrance

Temple Beth Israel honors the memory of our departed loved ones by publishing a Book of Remembrance.

During the Yizkor service, we remember our loved ones who have passed away.  We remember their love, their support, and their values.  In this way, we continue to make their memory a blessing.  In addition, in the Yizkor prayer, we pledge to give tzedakah in their memory.  This is another way that we make their memory a blessing in the world today.

Please consider making a donation, which will go towards the cost of this booklet. In making a contribution, you will be giving tzedakah to Temple Beth Israel.  Complete this form with all the names you would like to list.  If you want to give tzedakah to TBI, please also include a check (made out to “Temple Beth Israel”). We ask that you be prompt in returning this form so that we have ample time for printing before the holidays.  THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF THIS FORM IS AUGUST 28.  If you have any questions, please call the Synagogue office at 767-1708.