29 Sivan 5777 • 23 June 2017

First Time Visitors

Welcome to Temple Beth Israel!  We enjoy having guests visit us.

Our regular office hours are:
Monday – Thursday, 9 AM to 4 PM
Friday, 9 AM to 3 PM

Appointments with the synagogue administrator are available before and after office hours. Our office is closed on some holidays, so make sure to check the TBI Calendar for the latest information.

If you wish to visit, you may call the temple office at 516-767-1708, ext. 9 or send an email to info@tbiport.com for more information.

See our Shabbat Services Schedule.

Shabbat services
All of our Shabbat services are open to the public. Below are some guidelines on what to expect when you join us for services. Our services are held in our sanctuary, although in the nice weather we may gather on our outdoor patio.

When you first come in, a greeter should be there to welcome you and to give you a Shabbat Bulletin, a handout that gives more information about upcoming events at TBI. Please introduce yourself to the greeter as a newcomer and ask any questions that you may have. Our greeter can seat you with other congregants, if you wish, or can introduce you after services.

Tallit (prayer shawls) and kippot (head coverings) are required for men to wear during the service.

You may sit anywhere, although we encourage people to sit together, close to the front.

Children are welcome at all of our services. Children who need a break during services are welcome to play with our collection of toys and beautiful children’s books.

The key word in dress is “respectful”.  Many men wear suits and ties, while others dress down with a simple jacket and pants. Some women prefer to dress up on Shabbat with nice dresses; others wear business casual.  In the summer months, we dress very casually. Our focus is more on having you here, rather than what you are wearing.  We ask that you be respectful in what you wear and to remember that this is a place of worship.

Our services are participatory. Our B’nai Mitzvah may be there to lead the congregation in worship. We ask that guests say the prayers and sing along with us, as much as you are comfortable. Our clergy will guide you as we move through the service. Our prayer book, Sim Sholom, has the readings in both English, Hebrew, and some transliterated Hebrew, so most people can follow along easily, even those unfamiliar with Hebrew.  Our Hazzan will help you with our melodies. Even if you “don’t sing”, you will find our service music contagious, and we hope you will at least hum along!

Community Dinners/Kiddush
Following our Friday night services, we may hold a Community Dinner, a time for us to mingle together. You are most welcome to join us!  We love visitors and if we know you are new to Temple Beth Israel, we will introduce you to other congregants and take some time to get to know you better. We try to be watchful for visitors, but on occasion we do not spot the newcomer among us. If you introduced yourself to our greeter before services, our greeter will be responsible to introduce you at dinner, so please don’t be shy when you first come in! You can also contact us ahead of time and we can arrange to have some congregants sit with you during services and introduce you to other members.

After our Saturday morning services at 12:30 pm, we hold a kiddush luncheon. This is usually a small and intimate group and everyone is welcome!

Please join us
Shabbat and the social gatherings afterwards are the most joyous times of the week for us at Temple Beth Israel. We hope you can take part, as we will all be enriched by your presence.

Shabbat shalom!