29 Sivan 5777 • 23 June 2017

TBI High

TBI’s High School Program 2015-16

TBI’s Hebrew High School Program is designed to stimulate Jewish learning while reinforcing Jewish education and values.

Under the leadership of Principal Alice Talmud, our Hebrew High School builds upon the solid education provided by our Religious School and helps usher our teens into Jewish adulthood.  Hebrew High School tackles concepts that younger students could not fully comprehend and strengthens the students’ current and future bonds to Judaism.

Rather than a textbook-based curriculum, our students do much of their learning in a chevruta (group discussion) environment.  This allows them to formulate their own ideas and concepts, as well as reflect on the opinions of their peers.  Recent chevruta topics have ranged from Jewish humor to kabbalah.  Besides chevruta, other elements of the curriculum have recently included special programming, such as “The Jewish Lens” and “Face to Face, Faith to Faith”; as well as a number of guest speakers.

Our Hebrew High School Program runs three years, from 8th through 10th grades.  Students meet one night weekly for approximately 30 weeks.  Hebrew High culminates in a wonderful Confirmation Program, usually held during Shavuot.