29 Sivan 5777 • 23 June 2017

Cash for Causes

Ca$h for Causes is a gift card program offered by Stop&Shop which allows TBI to earn 5% of each purchase! Simply put: TBI earns $5 for every $100 gift card you purchase.

1.  Purchase a $100 Stop & Shop gift card from TBI;
2.  Buy your groceries and pay with the gift card;
3.  Stop & Shop gives TBI $5.00!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Please consider buying Stop&Shop gift cards. The cards are available in the main office or from our Board members.

Everyone can participate and have an impact without spending extra!

Please make checks payable to Temple Beth Israel, and write “Stop & Shop” in the memo section.

Any questions? Contact Ilyse.Wofse@gmail.com