29 Sivan 5777 • 23 June 2017

Tzedakkah at TBI

“Happy are those that dwell in Your house, they forever praise You”

Giving tzedakah (making donations) to Temple Beth Israel enables our community to come together to pray, celebrate, socialize, and learn.  In addition, your tzedakah to Temple Beth Israel provides teachers for our children’s Jewish education, supports adult programs, supports our holy work of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), organizes members to visit the sick and comfort mourners, and much more.

Dedicated Giving/Tributes
For life cycle events, when you want to honor a loved one, give special thanks, or pay tribute to someone’s memory, a donation to our synagogue in his or her name is a wonderful mitzvah. Gifts from individuals, foundations, corporations and other sources help Temple Beth Israel maintain important programs and services for our congregation. Your contribution will be acknowledged and is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Support Temple Beth Israel!
Whether it is a monetary gift, a donation to a fund, a sponsorship, volunteering your time for a committee or participating in Shabbat services, we rely on and appreciate your deeds and offerings on behalf of TBI. It is through our cooperative efforts that our TBI community continues to thrive.