29 Sivan 5777 • 23 June 2017


As a member of Temple Beth Israel, we invite you to join our Havurah program, and take part in a wonderful, unique experience that has enhanced many members’ lives.

What is a Havurah?
A Havurah, which comes from the Hebrew word for friend, is a small group of families, couples or individuals who share common interests and the desire to meet together on a regular basis, usuallly in each others’ homes, to develop a personal friendship and form an “extended family” within the Temple Beth Israel community.

Being part of a Havurah is a wonderful way to feel the warmth and support of a close-knit community.  Often Havurot are centered around a Friday night Shabbat dinner, but there are many other models as well.  The Havurah may wish to include Torah study or a speaker.  Some groups plan outings or holiday parties.  The Havurah does not replace other events of the shul, but instead it supplements and supports the social, religious and intellectual activities of the synagogue.

How do I join a Havurah?
To join a Havurah, complete the questionnaire and send it to the Temple Office. Upon receiving your request the Temple’s Havurah Liaison will work with you and individual Havurot to identify a match.