29 Sivan 5777 • 23 June 2017

Be A Mensch (Chesed)

BAM’s mission is to perform acts of loving kindness for congregants and members of the greater Port Washington community as well as support social causes that reflect TBI’s dedication to Tikkun Olam. TBI is also one of nine synagogues that make up the Tikkun Alliance of the North Shore, whose mission is to collaboratively address issues affecting our world today.

How Do I Get Involved?

We welcome your participation on any of BAM’s committees:  Bikkur Cholim, Helping Hands, Shiva House, Mostly Mitzvahs, Mitzvah Day, Social Action, and Rock & Wrap It Up Becoming part of BAM is easy. Send an email to Louise Cooper, the BAM Chairperson, at lukern34@gmail.com, the chair/co-chair of the sub-committee you are interested in, or Lisa Naiburg in the temple office. Let us know you want to help!  There are never too many ways to Be A Mensch.

BIKKUR CHOLIM  This committee performs the mitzvah of comforting the ill through visits to their home, hospital or nursing home.
Chair: Edie Katz ekatz@laffey.com
Co-Chairs: Joan Hulkower hulkner@aol.com, Rita Schweitzer ritaj.sschw@gmail.com

HELPING HANDS  From carpools for children to shopping for food or picking up medicine, Helping Hands provides support to congregants who need assistance taking care of their daily neeeds. Helping Hands also provides meals as necessary for the ill or those in mourning.
Chair: Susan Stein steins@witkoff.com

THE SHIVA MINYAN SOCIETY  Providing a consoling community for mourners is one of the many important ways that TBI supports its members. Judaism’s approach to mourning is marked by sitting Shiva and the daily recitation of the Kaddish prayer, which must be said in the presence of a minyan. This committee coordinates a roster of volunteers to ensure that there will be a minyan and to lead the shiva minyan service (for which training can be provided).
Co-Chairs: Cindy Bergman berg.people@verizon.net; Annette Kasle akasle@gmail.com

MOSTLY MITZVAHS  Once a month, Mostly Mitzvahs participants and our Hebrew School students cook meals together in the TBI kitchen and then deliver them to needy families all over Long Island.
Co-Chairs: Louise Cooper lukern34@gmail.com Lisa Levine llrl@aol.com

MITZVAH DAY  Mitzvah Day is an annual, multi-generational event that reaches out to a multitude of organizations in need. Every other year this is a Port Washington-wide event that involves all the local synagogues. Join us to make a difference in the world.

SOCIAL ACTION  How, as Jews, are  we meant to respond to the injustices in the world around us? Through BAM, TBI participates in the important mitzvah of helping to repair the world—Tikkun Olam. This committee reaches out to those around us and administers aid to those in need beyond TBI.

ROCK & WRAP IT UP  A frequently asked question after a TBI function is,“What should we do with all the leftovers?”. Rock & Wrap It Up has the solution! Committee participants work with our caterers and congregants to ensure leftovers are delivered to local organizations that need food donations.
Chair: Dori Fishbin mdbefish@optonline.net

ADOPT A FAMILY This program matches TBI with a family who is struggling with financial and/or other difficulties. We then provide the recipient family with ongoing monthly support through donations of food, clothing, personal and household items. If you would like to support this project for a month please contact the committee chair.
Chair: Lisa Levine llrl@aol.com